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What I'm Loving in April

Updated: May 1

Bonjour angels, here are my April favorites.

"April, the angel of the months, the young love of the year." – Vita Sackville-West


[ 001 ] Farmacy Lip Smoothie Apple: I luv it! <3

[ 002 ]Finished Reading Where Angels Walk

My goal for the year is to read 12 books. Four down... Eight more to go.

[ 003 ]Currently Watching… Resident Alien.

The show is funny. Definitely! It's worth watching it.

[ 004 ] Loved my Angel Reading ...

Went to an Intuitive Angel Card Reader. For me, the reading resonates.

Bonus: I love doing my 30 day self-care challenge


Do your best angels,

Affirmations for April

I am worthy and I am enough.

I deserve to be loved and to love others

Today I will do my best.

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