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September Goals & Monthly Challenge

Bonjour angels, Last month's was the art of letting go, moving on, & starting a new chapter. September brings you a new season, new routines, and new goals. Fall represents a time for change and renewal.

โ€œLife starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.โ€


  • ๐™ฟฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐šŒฬถ๐š”ฬถ- Moving Diary Blog post here

  • ๐šขฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐šžฬถ๐šฬถ๐šžฬถ๐š‹ฬถ๐šŽฬถ ฬถ๐šŸฬถ๐š•ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐šฬถ:ฬถ ฬถ๐™ฟฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐šŒฬถ๐š”ฬถ ฬถ๐š†ฬถ๐š’ฬถ๐šฬถ๐š‘ฬถ ฬถ๐™ผฬถ๐šŽฬถ ฬถ- i changed my mind and wrote a blog post.โ‡–

  • ๐š“ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š‹ฬถ ฬถ๐š‘ฬถ๐šžฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šฬถ-i applied 22x & I have gotten 4 job Interviews

  • get my real estate license in Florida-๐šฬถ๐šŽฬถ๐šœฬถ๐šŽฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐š›ฬถ๐šŒฬถ๐š‘ฬถ ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐š•ฬถ๐š’ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šŽฬถ/ฬถ๐š’ฬถ๐š—ฬถ ฬถ๐š™ฬถ๐šŽฬถ๐š›ฬถ๐šœฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š—ฬถ ฬถ๐šœฬถ๐šŒฬถ๐š‘ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š•ฬถ


  • Buy a new laptop this month before my old laptop dies on me Hehe

  • Buy a new phone (5G) {after my new Job}

  • Buy New Balance tennis shoes for working out

  • ๐™นฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐šžฬถ๐š›ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐š•ฬถ ฬถ ฬถ๐šฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š›ฬถ ฬถ๐š‚ฬถ๐šŒฬถ๐š›ฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐š™ฬถ๐š‹ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐š”ฬถ๐š’ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šฬถ/ฬถ๐™นฬถ๐š˜ฬถ๐šžฬถ๐š›ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐š•ฬถ๐š’ฬถ๐š—ฬถ๐šฬถ-I still need to get art supplies

  • Tennis Racket

หšโ‚Šโ€ง๊’ฐแƒ โ˜† เป’๊’ฑ โ€งโ‚Šหš


-Set a goal to do it for a whole month.

My goal for the whole month is to read a book in the am/pm.

What are your September goals for 2023?


You'll get there angels,

Affirmations for Fall

This new chapter of my life will bring me opportunity, success, and progress.

I give myself permission to be gentle with myself through transitions.

I am able to go with the flow of whichever direction my life brings me.

หšโ‚Šโ€ง๊’ฐแƒ โ˜† เป’๊’ฑ โ€งโ‚Šหš

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