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July Goals 2023 + June Recap

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Bonjour Angels, I can't believe it's already halfway through the year. Usually, I write new year's resolutions but I wanted to start something different so I started doing monthly goals last month...and I absolutely adore this idea of writing lists and monthly goals.

Tips for content creators: you can write a to-do list for your Instagram stories.

I hope you get inspired and motivated.

my July goals:

-read a book: A Court of Thorns and Roses

-daily movements

-𝚑̶𝚊̶𝚒̶𝚛̶𝚌̶𝚞̶𝚝̶ I got my tips done on 7/1/23

-𝚌̶𝚛̶𝚎̶𝚊̶𝚝̶𝚒̶𝚟̶𝚎̶ ̶𝚠̶𝚘̶𝚛̶𝚔̶𝚜̶𝚑̶𝚘̶𝚙̶ - Pinknic/Barbie theme textured painting on 7/2/23

- Barbie movie

-buy a new laptop/clear storage

-be more active on social media

-connect more online by actually comment

-clean out my closet & clear my space

-focus on my finance

-post a blog every week

-post content

-𝚅̶𝚒̶𝚜̶𝚒̶𝚝̶ ̶𝚊̶ ̶𝚋̶𝚘̶𝚝̶𝚊̶𝚗̶𝚒̶𝚌̶𝚊̶𝚕̶ ̶𝚐̶𝚊̶𝚛̶𝚍̶𝚎̶𝚗̶ -I went to Brooklyn Botanical Garden on 7/9/23.

+NY Botanical Garden -soon-

-𝚜̶𝚎̶𝚕̶𝚕̶ ̶𝚒̶𝚝̶𝚎̶𝚖̶𝚜̶-sold an item on my etsy

Here's a recap of my June goal:

my June goals:

-𝚛̶𝚎̶𝚊̶𝚍̶ ̶𝚊̶ ̶𝚋̶𝚘̶𝚘̶𝚔̶ -I read The Path of Synchronicity

-𝚍̶𝚊̶𝚒̶𝚕̶𝚢̶ ̶𝚖̶𝚘̶𝚟̶𝚎̶𝚖̶𝚎̶𝚗̶𝚝̶ -workout, walk, etc

-find a local holistic doctor- I'm still researching. it's for my hormones.

-join a pottery/𝙿̶𝚒̶𝚕̶𝚊̶𝚝̶𝚎̶𝚜̶ ̶𝚌̶𝚕̶𝚊̶𝚜̶𝚜̶-Youtube

-clear my storage for phone & laptop-- I decided to get a new laptop -Research-

- sell items-adding this to my July goals

-𝚞̶𝚙̶𝚍̶𝚊̶𝚝̶𝚎̶ ̶𝚛̶𝚎̶𝚜̶𝚞̶𝚖̶𝚎̶-I updated my resume and portfolio

-𝚜̶𝚝̶𝚊̶𝚛̶𝚝̶ ̶𝚊̶ ̶𝚋̶𝚕̶𝚘̶𝚐̶ ̶𝚊gain- my website/blog was published on 7/7/23

-𝚙̶𝚘̶𝚜̶𝚝̶ ̶𝚖̶𝚘̶𝚛̶𝚎̶ ̶𝚌̶𝚘̶𝚗̶𝚝̶𝚎̶𝚗̶𝚝̶- I posted content on TikTok, Instagram, and all social media

What are your goals this month?

Dream big angels,

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."

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