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Barbie Pinknic

Once upon a Barbie World on July 2nd, 2023, a lovely Sunday afternoon in Central Park. It's the season of picnics but make it Pink. Barbie-inspired art PINKNIC by Unique Workshop. I'm celebrating Barbie this month.. because her live-action film is coming out today.

Close your eyes and imagine, let your creativity and imagination run wild because life is your creation.

Yummy pink lemonade and light snacks were served

j'adore dior

j'adore picnics

When you create art in the rain is the best way to meditate,

enjoy this little asmr rain video...

Music: Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

“Imagination, life is your creation.


Pretty in Pink

Photographer's Instagram: @bymargo.jpg

Live your dreams angels,

Barbie Affirmations:

I am beautiful

I will never stop chasing my dreams

My kindness is a strength

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